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8. Experiences received in any form are subject to consideration and filtration, only appropriate experiences which are related only to 'Shirdi Sai Baba' in true sense will be posted.

9. It is my humble request notto promise Sai Baba to fulfill your wish/desire by bartering with Him that you will post your experience here. Instead convey your selfless prayers to Him and if it really makes your heart filled with emotions and happiness, then you can share your experience here.

10. Experiences already published will be deleted from our database.

11. Duplicate experiences will not be considered.

12. If you are sharing your experience for the second time, then refer yourself and your experience by giving 'URL' of that post from blog.
Eg: If your experience has been posted, then its 'URL' will be, you can copy paste the 'URL' from address bar of your browser.

13. Please 'do not' email us inquiring about the reason of your experience not being posted on blog. We work on 'First Come First Serve Basis'. So experiences received first will be first filtered and posted. You are requested to wait till your turn comes. Experiences are not read as soon as they are received, they are read and edited at the time of posting only.

14. If, by chance, your experience is filtered and we do not find it appropriate to be posted on blog, you will be informed.

15. You can also upload any picture of Lord Sai Babaji if you specifically wish to be shared with your experience or you can also send your experience by uploading it here. Also we kindly request you to have a back up copy of your experience in your own systems. Last month we were facing some technical difficulties and because of this we were not getting full experiences and had to ask devotees to re-send their experiences. However the problem has been resolved now.